about us

redhouse is more than just a name, it’s a philosophy grounded in a rich history of creative brilliance and innovation.

during the 1960s, redhouse was the creative hub for one of the world’s most renowned guitarists, jimi hendrix. early in his career.

his bright red-walled new york apartment was the place he perfected his talent and composed some of his most memorable songs and also became a meeting place for a host of other famous musicians, poets, and artists.

at redhouse we harness the power of creativity and carry on the symbol of originality.
as a successful award winning agency we have provided creative services to a wide range of industries and professions.

as individuals our skill set is comprehensive, as a team we are all powerful, as a company we are focused on our clients success.

redhouse media group holdings limited has a vast investment in engaging the real estate market: professional licensed real estate agents and consumers.


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